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Redmond High School Football

RHS Sports Conditioning Starts January 11th

RHS Families –

We are very excited, per the district’s decision, to bring students back onto the RHS campus to 
participate in what we are calling Sports 
Conditioning. The basic framework is to give 
students the opportunity to work with their 
teammates and coaches in sport-specific conditioning work. It is important to note that these are not 
official practices, however.  
Although athletes may do some conditioning work with equipment or sport-specific balls, current 
conditions do not allow us to hold official 
practices at this time. 

The initial window of Sports Conditioning will begin January 11th. There is no cost to students.
In order to participate, students and parents must:
•	complete registration via Final Forms for 
Sports Conditioning (still have to register for 
sports conditioning even if registered for another 
•	indicate preferred sport and need for 
transportation (if applicable) within registration, 
•	have a current physical on file.

In order to participate the first week, students 
must be registered by 11:59 pm, January 7th. 

Based on their sport preference, students will be assigned to a pod as determined by the athletic director and coaches. We will notify students of pod and 
session assignment on Sunday, the night of the 10th.
The structure for our Sports Conditioning will be as follows: 
•	Students who register will be assigned to a pod of 6. This is the pod they will work with 
through the end of the Sports Conditioning window.
•	Each student will be limited to attending 
two days a week, either in the Monday and Wednesday session or the Tuesday and Thursday session. 
•	Sessions will run from 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm or 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. 
•	If a student misses a workout, they cannot 
make it up with a pod that isn’t their own. 
•	Though different pods may be working on similar skills and drills simultaneously under the 
direction of a coach, pods will not be intermixing.

All activity will be done outdoors on the RHS 
campus. We do realize that this time of year brings inclement weather, but we are not permitted to hold Sports Conditioning indoors at this time.  Students should dress appropriately for the weather and workout and be aware that locker rooms will not be 
This is such a great opportunity to provide our 
students with the social connections and physical 
activity that we know to be so important to student health and wellness. However, we must be certain to do it in a manner that is as safe as possible. So, 
please take time to read the attached student 
checklist and expectations. It covers the protocols we will have in place to keep the students and 
coaches safe. Any failure to adhere to the 
guidelines could jeopardize our ability to offer 
these trainings and future athletic opportunities. 

Thank you –

Dan Pudwill
Athletic Director
Redmond High School


Click here to access FinalForms

WIAA Football Season Update

Target dates: In-person practice starts 3/8/21, first game 3/19/21, post season ends 5/9/21.

See the WIAA site for additional details:

Redmond Football Night at Chipotle - Feb 2nd

Redmond Football Night at Chipotle Feb 2nd


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