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Mustang Gridiron Family

Introducing the Mustang Gridiron Family

Everyone knows that it takes a “village” to get the myriad of things done necessary for a successful football season. It requires help from more than the school district, school staff and coaches. It is truly a family effort.

The Redmond Football Boosters have rebranded to form the “Mustang Gridiron Family”. This name better reflects the inclusivity which is necessary for the RHS football program to be completely successful. As a result, it is expected that all families join.

Why is this important, especially this year?

Coach Ahrens relies on each parent/guardian to guide their son to live the RHS Football mission

The Mustang Gridiron Family plays a vital role in ensuring each season is a total success through:

  • 1. Time-volunteer opportunities abound from 1 hour to assistance throughout the season
  • 2. Treasure-it takes financial support to help defray costs the district does not pay
  • 3. Talent-collaborating with others by offering your unique skill set makes it a lighter load for everyone.

2019 Priorities:
Team Feeds-Since our players work so hard to be game day ready; it is necessary to keep them fueled up to ensure continued dedication and focus. You may have noticed that last season, the number of team feeds increased dramatically for the C, JV and Varsity squads. In addition to the 2-a-day pre-season meals and Thursday night pre-game meals, families have assisted with feeding the C/JV/V Teams before and after games. Having something in one’s stomach for the round trip bus ride makes a big difference. The Mustang Gridiron Family steps up.

Scholarships-Mustang families have different financial priorities. Playing football can be expensive when factoring in the different costs throughout the season. By helping defray costs for those families who may need some help, we are supporting a son who wants to play. Scholarships will always be available to any family who requests it. Finances will never be a barrier for someone who wants to play. The Mustang Gridiron Family steps up.

Coach Stipends-The RHS Football coaching staff do what they do for the love of the game and to help our boys become young men. Combined, they work hundreds of hours each season to get our players game day ready. Most of the coaches are not LWSD staff so are not on payroll. Assistant Coaches do get paid a modest stipend which is not covered by LWSD. The Mustang Gridiron Family steps up.

Equipment-Stuff breaks and wears out. Not all the equipment is supplied by the LWSD. When a piece of equipment breaks and it is not part of the LWSD capital budget for that year, the Mustang Gridiron Family steps up.

As a result, each Mustang Gridiron (RHS) Family is expected to join at the minimum level of $75 ($25 for Jr. Mustangs) to help defray the above mentioned costs. Of course, if a family wishes to donate more, they are welcome to do so.

What will look and feel different in 2019?

  • There will be a kickoff Mustang Gridiron Family tailgate party this spring to bring coaches and parents together and celebrate the beginning of the 2019 season!
  • Prior to each Friday night home game, there will be a complimentary tailgate party outside the brick house so that ALL Mustang/Jr Mustang Gridiron Families can gather and get to know each other a little better while cheering the boys on as they take to the field!
  • There will be bite sized volunteer opportunities to help throughout the season (meals, game day help).

Please seek out any Coach Ahrens or any Mustang Gridiron Family council member if you have a question or suggestion.

Remember, it takes a village.

Thanks for your support!
Go Stangs!