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High School Jr. Mustangs

Redmond High School Football

Upcoming Events

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Bothell Vs. Redmond @ RHS
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(JV) Redmond Vs. Bothell @ BHS
6:00pm PDT Ical_event_icon

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Full Practice
3:00pm PDT Ical_event_icon

Key Articles

2015 Redmond Football Captains - Gerald Wright, Luke Kennedy, Corey Chandler, Nick Swanson and Alex Catanzaro

By Marc La Pierre

Team Chemistry is #1

A tremendous article about the value of chemistry with insight from college footballs top coaches!

Redmond's Mike Conforto gets the call and credits football

“I was a football guy first because of my dad,” Michael Conforto said. “I was all sports. I was doing baseball, football, basketball.” He played quarterback and safety for Redmond Senior High School, and only at the end of his junior year, he said, did he focus on baseball — he played shortstop at Redmond. “I was raw,” Conforto said. “I could swing the bat hard, and I could throw pretty well. I was an athlete.” “I think it would be fair to say he was a football player who played baseball, until he got to Oregon State,” the elder Mike Conforto said. “The raw power was just sitting there,” said Pat Casey, still the head coach at Oregon State. “We liked the makeup and the athleticism. We knew he was never going to be a middle infielder.” Casey, Mike Conforto said, is “kind of like a football coach who’s a baseball manager. He was a good fit for Michael.”

Death of the Multi-sport Athlete

This a great read about injury prevention and value of having our students be multi-sport athletes

Conversation on Multi-Sport Players in Highschool on ESPN

This a great read about injury prevention and value of having our students be multi-sport athletes

Pittsburgh Steelers Team Doctor says "CTE" is very rare.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a "rare phenomena" and youth football is safer than riding a bike or skateboard, a Pittsburgh Steelers neurosurgeon and NFL medical consultant said Wednesday

Game Videos

Here is the location that we will be putting all our game videos. Go Stangs



Redmond Ready to Kickoff

Redmond's football players can’t wait to get under the Friday night lights and show fans and opponents what they’re made of. Click HERE

Former 'Stang Standout, Cameron Sandquist excelling off the field by using what he learned on it.

Click here to read the full article!


Congrats to former Mustang Running Back, Bryce Steckler, on his commitment to OSU!

Former Stang QB, Michael Conforto, is drafted 10th overall to the NY Mets

Best of luck to Stang Wideout, Jordan Hall as his career continues at Cal Poly!

Redmond is so proud of Dallas Jensen and wish him the best of luck playing down in California


Tire Tug o' War

Team Tug of War!

Competition only makes us STRONGER!

The Redmond Mustangs were featured in Komo 4 News 'Speech of the Week'.  Click Here for the full video!